Hello Pal Technology That Breaks the Language Barrier


Ryan Johnson, co-founder of Hello Pal International gives insight on the company’s new social mobile messaging app.

We’ve all seen a million apps come and go. And most of them tend to fail. Hello Pal was actually launched as a passion project by the founder, KL Wong in China. He started another very successful award-winning company. It was an early education language teaching company. Actually he started it to teach his daughter, how to speak English and Mandarin.

Hello Pal is a social mobile messaging app that surpasses the language learning barrier. You can actually get on to Hello Pal and you can be chatting with anyone around the world within minutes in their language, helping you learn their language and helping them learn your language.
Hello Pal uses standard translating technology and it has proprietary phrasebooks, which allows you to be communicating in text and orally within minutes. With Hello Pal, I think to date they’ve spend less than 200,000 on user acquisition marketing and pushing close to 2 million registered users now. So it just started to stick.

We’ve branched out. We’ve launched Travel Pal, just launched in the last month. The next one we’ll be launching is Translator Pal to help with translation and then Language Pal, which is more like a Babbel and a Duolingo. When we launch these other apps, we can target new users. Each app launches with an act of large user base, where an app, Travel App on its own, might launch without the active user base and would fail on that where we’re starting off hitting the ground running.

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