Hemp Processing Capacity Expanding


Charles Holmes, CEO/CVO of Hempco Food and Fiber shares the company’s future plans to expand their hemp processing capacity by six times.

When I got out of school, I was a construction contractor, and I burnt out. And trying to regain my health, I spent the last 25 years in the health food industry, of that – the last seventeen years in the Hemp seed food industry.

Hempco was once a small family business. Now, it’s a global contender in the resurgence of what is the largest domesticated crop on Planet Earth. The focus of Hempco is whole crop utilization. So, that’s providing the highest quality healthy food products and fiber products.
Hempco has been primarily a hemp seed food bulk supplier around the globe. Planet Hemp is our direct to consumer retail line of products that we most recently launched in the UK and Canada. What’s most new at Hempco right now, is our new production facility in Nisku, Alberta, which we’re very excited about.

One of the key challenges we have in hemp industry is supply. As a processor, we are bottle necked with all the demands from overseas and Europe. Our focus right now is to expand our processing capacity to six times what our present capacity is now.
Hempco had a great year, last year. We did $5.2 million in sales and in the last five months we’ve already done nearly $4 million in sales. Hempco is committed to increasing its shareholder value by making hemp a common household item.

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