Have Complete Control Over Your Emails | Todd Sexton


Todd Sexton, President and CEO of Identillect Technologies, shares how the company can provide users with complete control of their emails.

Cybersecurity has become a significant problem hitting every industry on the market. Identillect Technologies focuses on secure communication. Protecting that information and making it as simple as possible. You’re dealing with email, once you send it, it goes out into the abyss. We’ve given you control back you can restrict forwarding, restrict printing, you can even retract an email that you sent two months ago. We give you absolute and complete control to make sure your staff is maintaining those privacy issues. We have two PhD cryptographers that really allow us to make sure that we’re at the forefront of technology growth.

Blockchain Technology

Real estate wire fraud has went up by four hundred and eighty percent, what we’ve done is implemented a blockchain technology to prevent wire fraud transfer. Our target market originally began in the medical sector. What they want to do is prevent any intrusion from personal identifiers being exposed. Now that’s expanded, we see them a lot in the financial, legal sector, the real estate sector and we’re seeing a lot in the US, Canada and in Europe. Europe has expanded their regulations so now we’re seeing it in every single business all across Europe. And we’ve positioned ourselves to expand into this market and really take a greater piece of the market.


Effortless email security – conquering clunky user experience


Senders maintain complete control – restrict recipients’ privileges to print, forward or download content, and retract at any time


Simple for both senders and receivers. No registration or subscription required for recipients


Identillect provides excellent support. 24/7/365, we are here to assist you


Identillect evolves with regulatory changes, continuously researching so you don’t have to


Access email securely from anywhere: web, mobile, O365, Gmail or Outlook


Security policies – set them and forget them, continuously ensuring organization-wide compliance

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