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Cybersecurity has become a significant problem hitting every industry on the market. Identillect Technologies focuses on secure communication. Our blockchain technology ensures email security. We are dealing with email once you send it, it goes out into the abyss.

Technology to prevent fraud transfer

What we’ve done is we’ve given you control back. Real Estate wire fraud has went up by 480 percent. We’ve implemented a blockchain technology to prevent wire fraud transfer and ensure email security. What Identillect does is really focus on protecting information and making it as simple as possible.Leverage Identillect’s patented vCard technology to further streamline your secure communications directly from Outlook. Set the level of security desired, enforce enterprise policies across the entire network limiting recipient permissions. This plugin includes access to all Delivery Trust – Web Only features and capabilities.The Delivery Trust O365 add-in makes securing your communications and responses simple while on the go. The intuitive interface means no learning curve with non-invasive implementation company-wide. This add-in includes access to all Delivery Trust – Web Only features and capabilities.For more information on Identillect Technologies Corp. (IDTLF:OTCQB) please fill out the form below.

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