Immunotherapy To End Cancer


Frederic Ors, CEO and Director of Immunovaccine speaks on the company’s solution to ending cancer.

Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease called the silent killer and unfortunately when you get surgery and chemotherapy and any right cure which is very often in ovarian cancer, there’s very few options that you have, to continue your treatment because in most cases cancer would be resistant to chemotherapy. We have discovered a new way to deliver messages to the immune system. It’s very simple, it’s a very tiny bubble of hog but it has the potential to transform the way we work with our immune system. We are co-developing our products with two partners, Merck and Insight. We are conducting one of the first triple combination immunotherapy trial in the world. It’s in collaboration with Insight, one of the leader in immuno-oncology in the US and we recently released results in the first four patients we treated. What we were able to achieve in three out of four women is stopping the progression of cancer. And we released those results and we also have shown that for the women that was on treatment for the longest time about three months, we started to see more than stopping the progression but tumor shrinkage. There’s never been a better chance in humanity to really get to the point of curing cancer, it’s not just missing, it’s everybody now has strong belief that immunotherapy is going to be the solution to put an end to cancer. And we’re just at the beginning.

We believe that the key to leveraging the power of human immunity resides in the way we communicate with our immune system. Modern medicine has created access to technologically advanced targets—proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA vaccines—that can be used to encode directives to our immune system. But those commands are secondary, as our immune systems have already evolved over millions of years to precisely and powerfully recognize and respond to a wide variety of danger signals.

Immunovaccine is developing a pipeline of novel therapeutic and preventive vaccines for cancer and other serious diseases. Our proprietary DepoVax™ platform provides a solution for product candidates with the potential to produce more rapid, robust and sustained immune responses. We have leveraged this technology, along with partnerships with world-class researchers, to build a diverse and growing pipeline of combination immunotherapies for difficult-to-treat cancers and hard-to-address infectious disease challenges.


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