Cannabinoids as a Rare Skin Disorder Treatment- InMed Pharma.

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InMed Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company who’s working with a specific class of compounds. They are called cannabinoids. There’s a whole host of relatively rare skin disorders. We think cannabinoids would be well suited for in terms of treatment. Consequently, it’s rare to find a company that is at this early stage. Besides, that’s going to make a real difference in the pharmaceutical world.” – Eric Adams, CEO of InMed PharmaceuticalsInMed is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. Furthersome, it specializes in developing novel therapies through the research and development into the extensive pharmacology. It is cannabinoids coupled with innovative drug delivery systems. Moreover, InMed’s proprietary includes bioinformatics database drug/disease targeting tool, cannabinoid biosynthesis technology and drug development pipeline. Finally, These are the fundamental value drivers of the Company.

The Cannabinoid Science

The majority of pharmaceutical and academic research & development activities investigates the physiological and disease fighting properties. While there are over 90 different cannabinoids, the two most well-known compounds also occur. In the cannabis plant, it also happen to be the two that occur in the largest quantity.


The process of genetically modifying an organism to produce a pharmaceutically bioactive compound that it otherwise would not normally make. Manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids remains a challenge, especially for those that are found in only trace amounts in the cannabis plant but nevertheless may hold very important physiological benefits in humans. InMed recognized that having a reliable source of pure, pharmaceutical-grade starting materials for its products that are bio-identical to the compounds found in nature would be a critical success factor for our drug development strategy.


Finding novel ways to treat and cure diseases is a fundamental challenge in biomedical research. There is a lack of reliable drug target prediction methods as reflected by the low clinical target validation success rate.For more information on InMed Pharmaceuticals (IN:TSX) please fill out the form below.

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