Investment News: U.S. Retailers to Carry Yield Growth Products

Luxury and Wellness Retailers to Carry Urban Juve Products

A branch of The Yield Growth, Urban Juve, announces U.S retail contracts with luxury spa, wellness and specialty shops to sell their range of unisex, hemp infused products.

Unique Hemp Infused Products

On the other hand, Urban Juve is in the works to launch over 50 proprietary skincare and wellness products, infused with cannabis sativa hemp root and hemp seed oil. The brand sells directly to north American consumers online and shops across Canada.

“The quality of the natural ingredients and our unique formulations stand out among competitors,” states Penny Green, Yield Growth President & CEO. “Ethically sourced, never tested on animals and toxin-free, we stand behind our formulations and their creation process. The market is taking notice.”

To be announced

Names of the shops are yet to be released. However, the first luxury spa to carry Urban Juve will be announced this month. In addition, Arizona, Florida, North and South Carolina will be the first states to introduce the brand to consumers.

Penny Green says sunny places, such as Arizona and Florida, show increasing interest in the brand. Due to the after-sun soothing effects of the products.

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