E Game Table Set To Change Gaming Industry


Electronic Table Game Ready To Revolutionize Casino Industry.

Jackpot Digital has combined cutting-edge technology with casino games to create a one of a kind live gaming experience.

Jackpot Digital Inc. is a leading electronic table games manufacturer in the cruise ship and regulated casino industry. The company has been innovating since 1999 and specializes in automated multiplayer gaming products that maximize operator profitability.

Building on the success of PokerPro, Jackpot Digital has developed Jackpot Blitz™, a new state-of-the-art electronic table game (ETG) system. The table offers an incredible player experience and unrivalled operator efficiency.

Jackpot Blitz™ features an 84-inch 4K touchscreen panel and allows players to interact with the games using touch motion gestures to replicate the feel of live casino play. An extensive built-in game library gives casino operators the freedom to offer different games to customers simultaneously on the same table.

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