Gold Project For 2018 By Leagold Mining Corporation

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Leagold Mining Corporation is a rising gold producer company working in Latin America. We have the plan to produce 225,000 ounces gold in the Los Filos mine of Mexico in 2018.Moreover, Our Company is a Canadian listed public company with a highly experienced team of mining professionals.We have a good track record of our strategic expertise management team. We have strong Latin American relationships with the Company’s Directors.In addition, our management team has many records. We are growth-oriented metals developers and producers in West Africa because we work as a team. At Leagold, our team is implementing a ‘buy and build’ strategy. We are creating a new Latin American gold producer.Above all, we achieve our plans with a strong shareholder base and management team. We have deep relationships in the gold mining sector.For more information on Leagold Mining Corporation (LMC: TSX and LMCNF: OTCQX), please fill out the form below:

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