NanoSphere Health Sciences Taking Cannabinoid Absorbency to the Max

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NanoSphere’s novel retail products and technology present maximum absorbency of cannabinoids for consumers.

NanoSphere Delivery System™ encapsulated ingredients in a protective nano-sized membrane. As a result, they are protected from immediate dilution or degradation and are quickly and efficiently transported into the circulatory system and target cells.NANOSPHERE DELIVERY SYSTEMS™ PROVIDE:
  • Enhancement of biological stability, including solubility
  • Improvement of cellular transport
  • Release of the active component inside the cell
  • Significantly greater bio availability and bio activity
  • Site-specific targeting
  • Longer half-life in the body
  • Minimal side effects
  • Enhanced therapeutic value
  • Made with all natural, bio-compatible, biodegradable, non-toxic materials
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