Nutritional High CEO Jim Frazier on cannabis extract, process and edibles production

“Nutritional High with its multi-state platform offers a uniqueness to the industry. With our ability to process, both extract and produce edibles, I believe that’s the uniqueness of the company. Also, we have products all the way from vape carts, to syringes, to Dab jars, new generation of Dab sticks, a metered application device and chocolates. We believe that our edibles may be one of the key fundamentals on actually how we separate ourselves from other companies. Basically, having the ability to penetrate multiple markets in multiple states I think, that is a key fundamental of the company. Going through formulation in keeping taste, texture and the overall consumer experience in mind when we develop these products is a very key point. Thus, we separate ourselves from the market. The other part, and this is a part that I get excited about, is our development of new technologies.

What is the next generation of products? What’s the next generation of processing that we can be first to market with? As we look forward into the future for Nutritional High, we believe some of the products that we’re developing today are going to start building that lifestyle brand awareness for our FLI brand. And that’s what I believe is going to take Nutritional High to the next level.” – Jim Frazier, CEO of Nutritional High International Inc.

Thus, using innovative manufacturing techniques, creative product development, and advanced business acquisitions, Nutritional High is changing the cannabis industry.

Nutritional High is fully operational and vertically integrated into both California and Colorado. Therefore, over the past two years, we’ve developed our strategy for acquisitions in extraction, production and sales. Also, the distribution sectors of the cannabis industry.

FLÏ™ is Nutritional High’s flagship cannabis-infused product line. Utilizing innovative cannabis science and cold ethanol extraction processes to produce edibles, vape cartridges, syringes, and extracts. Currently in retail stores in both California and Colorado. Beyond FLÏ™, our team is assembling a diversified portfolio of cannabis brands. Currently, we maintain strategic partnerships with NeutriSci, Tsunami, Provisions, GT Flowers, J:MEDS and more.

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