Detecting Concealed Weapons


Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One Technologies, speaks on the company’s concealed weapon detection technology.

The problem is the epidemic of incidence of mass violence whether it’s shootings, bombings, terrorist incidents which have played out on the streets of Western cities, and that’s what motivates everybody in this company. You know that we belong to something which is going to you know spare innocent people’s lives. So our technology is about the identification of concealed weapons which pose a threat to the public. Identify if somebody is carrying a concealed weapon into a place where they shouldn’t be whether it’s a school, hospital, a government building, a courthouse. We’re bringing forward a technology called cognitive microwave radar which marries our radar technology with machine learning algorithms. What happens is as somebody passes through the field of the device which is pulsing at a thousand times a second, concealed metallic objects will have a very specific resonance, a ring. The machine learning algorithms have been taught to interpret that ring which comes back work against a set of classifiers to identify what the object is whether it’s a gun, or a knife, a bomb. We’re bringing forward to technology which actually determines what the object is and that’s a really disruptive technology. Make no mistake of course it’s a global problem. This is not just a North American issue, it’s a technology which has application across the globe.

Patriot One Technologies Inc. (“Patriot One”) and a research team at McMaster University, a well-respected Canadian center for research, and led by the expert guidance of Dr. Natalia Nikolova (IEEE Fellow, CAE Fellow, P.Eng. Professor, Canadian Research Chair in High-Frequency Electromagnetics) have come together to commercialize a system to detect concealed weapons utilizing novel radar technologies and custom software solutions.

The system which has been developed and tested, is an innovative radar technology and software solution providing first responders and security personnel valuable time in Active Threat scenarios. The technology offers stand-off detection of concealed threats typically employed in public locations. What makes Patriot One’s technology unique is its “cognitive” ability to detect guns and knives as well as to assess threats. The system is trained prior to installation and continues to learn upon deployment, getting better and smarter at detecting hidden weapons with each screening instance.

Our technology in conjunction with human based protocols, represents the first cost-effective solution for Active Shooter prevention on the market today.

Patriot One is working to move this revolutionary technology ahead as rapidly as possible in order to address the growing global need for effective Active Threat management, including Active Shooter events, in an increasingly threatened world.

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