Help For Investing In China’s Technology Market


Johnson Joseph, CEO of Peak Positioning Technologies touches on the company’s three subsidiaries which allow investors to directly tap into the Fintech space in China.

“Peak is a bridge that allows Canadian, US and European investors to invest in a Canadian publicly listed vehicle that is tapped directly into the Fintech space in China. A lot of small businesses in China have a lot of trouble getting the financing they need to grow their businesses. We’re unique in the sense that we have three subsidiaries in China that operate two platforms. The first platform called Cubeler, which we have an exclusive license to, matches small businesses with the right lenders that are looking to lend to them. The other platform that we have is a platform called Gold River, that platform allows manufacturers who don’t have enough money to source certain products to register on the platform, place an order for particular product but also request that this order be financed. And this is where our third a subsidiary comes in, a subsidiary called Asia Synergy Financial Capital which is a game changer for the company because it will provide so many benefits to clients in forms of financing and it will give an added dimension to our company. What makes us unique is the fact that we are giving Canadian investors an opportunity to really tap into that space, to help digitize the commercial lending space in China, making it more efficient and helping small businesses grow their businesses.” – Johnson Joseph, CEO of Peak Positioning Technologies

Peak Positioning Technologies (“Peak”) is a publicly traded IT portfolio management company headquartered in Montreal whose common shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Through our Chinese subsidiaries, we like to think of ourselves as a bridge that allows North American investors to participate in the digitization of China’s economy through the adoption of technologies such as Fintech, Blockchain, cloud computing and others.

Our three operating subsidiaries each leverage the latest technologies to provide services aimed at making B2B transactions more efficient and providing small and medium size businesses in general with the financial resources they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses.

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