Social Media + E-Commerce = Peeks Social

“Peeks Social is the world’s first e-commerce enabled live streaming network that allows people to interact and transact with a global audience. The main differentiating factor between Peeks Social and all other social networks is that you can actually make a living off of it. Peeks allows you to run an actual business.” – Mark Itwaru, Chairman & CEO of Peeks Social Ltd.

Peeks Social is a live-streaming social network which enables social and commercial interactions, Peer-to-Peer payments, and other social commerce capabilities. Peeks Social is the world’s first social network which bridges the gap between traditional social media and professionally produced content via live or pre-recorded broadcasts. Peeks Social enables content creators to immediately monetize their content through patented and proprietary payment technologies.

The Most Rewarding Live Streaming Platform

Go Live
Start broadcasting your stream from anywhere to anyone in the world.

Get Paid
Collect tips, get sponsored, use paywalls and get paid for your content.

Get Popular
Grow your followers overnight by getting featured in Peeks Social.

Watch exclusive live streams and videos from around the world and receive special offers.

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