Security and Guest Services In One Unit


Pool Safe has been chosen by the world’s leading hotel and resorts for enriching the guest experience. First to market, Pool Safe is an exclusive product that delivers security, convenience and guest services in one complete unit.

The key feature of the PoolSafe is the secure 0.85-cubic foot storage area for guests to keep their electronics and other valuables in while relaxing by the pool or at the beach. The safe operates with a waterproof programmable keypad.

Inside the safe is a USB port so guests can charge their phones and other electronics while not in use. The quick-charge technology can fully charge a smartphone in 1.5 hours. The charger operates via a solar panel built into the top of each unit, so no wiring or disposable batteries are required.

Every PoolSafe comes with a patented Wifi-connected call button that connects guests with resort staff. Enhanced “Virtual Waiter” models include three separate customizable buttons that can be programmed to, for example, call for service, order specific products, and request for a bill. In addition to the safe, thePoolSafe includes a 0.66-cubic-foot unsecured storage compartment. The easy access flip lid provides sun and water protection from less valuable items such as sunscreen or reading material.

PoolSafes can be factory wrapped in resort-branded logos and imagery. Alternatively, sponsors’ logos can be sold as a revenue-generating option.

The contoured unit is 16”-high (406 mm), 16”-wide (406 mm) and 32”-long (812 mm) and is designed to be at a comfortable height using beach loungers. The unit weighs 57-lbs. (26 kg) and is mounted on adjustable legs. The top includes three moulded beverage holders with a condensation drain.

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