Could this technology be the fastest form of cannabis extraction?


“The BOSS”, a technology for faster extraction of cannabis.

Quadron Cannatech Corporation is a Vancouver based automated extraction and processing solutions company.  Through its subsidiaries Soma Labs Scientific, Greenmantle and Cybernetic Control Systems, Quadron provides ancillary equipment, products and services, designed and structured to address the complex needs and requirements of federally authorized cannabis industry participants in North America.

We’ve experienced the same frustrations as so many others in this industry having used other CO2 systems on the market and working with different extraction methods and technology. When we purchased our first CO2 extractor we laboured through months of set-up with the manufacturer and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation costs and facility upgrades. Even after that, the system still produced low-quality product and low yield.

And so The BOSS was born.

We set out to change the game. With a background in growing medical cannabis and super and subcritical CO2 extraction, our Lead Designer created The BOSS CO2 Extraction System to alleviate the headaches extract producers have faced for years; including overly complex set-up and operation, inconsistent output, yield and more.

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