Radient Technologies: Faster Product Extraction

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Radient develops and manufactures extracts for our customers. The solutions we provide allow our customers to have competitive advantages in their marketplace. Using our core technology Microwave Assisted Processing, or M.A.P. A solutions can provide substantially higher yields and purity when compared to conventional natural extraction.With conventional extraction, the biomass housing the target compound is soaked in solvent, heated to 50°C or more, and over several hours. As a result the natural compound of interest diffuses into the solvent.Following filtration, drying, and other downstream processing. The target ingredient is isolated. This method consumes dramatically more time, energy, and resources than M.A.P.Combining M.A.P. technology and our experience with natural compounds. We are able to selectively deposit microwave energy into a biomass, heat the target elements. While leaving other materials unaltered.The near-instantaneous “in-core” heating that occurs creates pressure that drives out the target compound. Most noteworthy faster than the conventional extraction method.For more information on Radient Technologies (RTI.V) please fill out the form below.

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