Software Service For The Real Estate Industry


CEO of RESAAS, Tom Rossiter speaks on the company’s software technology serving the real estate industry.

RESAAS stands for real estate software as a service, which means were a SAS company selling technology to the real estate industry. RESAAS is a Vancouver based technology company that empowers major real estate organizations to do more deals.  We help their agents unite, communicate and collaborate like never before. The real estate industry is hugely fractured. There is not a consistent line of communication amongst the professionals that power it. RESAAS provides technology that unites a membership of agents whether it be the brokerage level locally, at the board or even on a larger national or global basis. And we provide visibility, transparency and efficient communication that lets the industry work in a much more efficient cohesive and successful way. We’re fortunate in that many large brands have already adopted RESAAS and we’ve had zero client turn. Major industry giants like REMAX and Keller Williams the first and second largest real estate franchises in the world run on our technology. And now we work with a number of smaller independent brokerages, a growing number of real estate boards and associations across the country and with almost a half a million agents that depend on our technology. There are deals, buyer needs and referrals flowing through our network every day and they can see fresh accurate and real-time information about the listings in their market, in real time, using RESAAS.

RESAAS is a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry. We help you sell homes, earn referral business, explore your market, and make connections …

Agents – Showcase your local knowledge on a global platform
Brokers – Connect your agents to increase their deal-flow & your bottom line
Franchises – Boost leads inside your network of agents & offices
MLSs – Take control of pre-market activity; the right way

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