What’s Ahead for Precious Metal Stocks?

Rick Rule CEO of Sprott US Holdings shares his thoughts on  precious metal stocks.

“I think the precious metal stocks will do well in the next 12 to 18 months. First of all because they’re unloved, which makes which means that they’re cheap but sectors move because they out perform expectations. And the expectations in the precious metals sector are so low that the industry almost can’t help but exceed expectations which are of course nonexistent.

We have just seen the agricultural minerals potash and phosphate move into an uptrend. I think we have seen the very beginnings of an uptrend in uranium and we’ve seen the beginnings of an uptrend in platinum. All of those materials are off investors radar.  They’re all unloved, they’re all cheap and it would appear that they’re in the beginnings of up trends and nobody has noticed this yet.” – Rick Rule CEO of Sprott US Holdings