Rye Patch Gold Corporation Mining in Nevada


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Bill Howald, President and CEO of Rye Patch Gold. On the company’s plans for their latest assets.

I came out of a company called Placer Dome. I ran Placer Domes U.S. and Latin American exploration programs. I was intimately familiar with all the Placer’s operating mines throughout the Americas until Barrick took us over the other 2005.Rye Patch operates in Nevada, it is a company that has gold and silver production from the Florida Canyon Mine. And a number of advanced stage projects nearby in what we call the Orianna trend in west-central Nevada.We acquired the mine in July of 2016, saw that this opportunity could operate in sub thousand dollar gold, we stress tested the asset down to 850. We also have two advanced stage projects Lincoln Hill and Wilco.Lincoln Hill, six hundred thousand ounces of M&I and four hundred thousand ounces of inferred. It’s got a PA that was done in 2014. We did that using seven hundred and seventy five dollar gold for the Whittle Pits.Looks quite promising and with the acquisition of Florida Canyon makes that a stellar opportunity as our next operating line. Initially start our production profile is seventy-five thousand ounces per annum. We’ve got a plan to get to a hundred thousand ounces and then we’ll start to bring Lincoln Hale. And our Wilco assets in with the idea of becoming Nevada’s next mid-tier mining company operating in a very safe jurisdiction in Nevada.

About Rye Patch Gold Corporation

Rye Patch Gold features management with an high level of technical, financial and executive talent for a junior firm. Our team has developed and operated major mines and managed large exploration budgets on five continents.

The Company’s Nevada focus arose from management’s extensive knowledge of the state’s geology and mining industry, along with a well-established professional network amongst Nevada’s leading mining companies.

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