Highest Grade Undeveloped Open Pits in the World

President and CEO of Sabina Gold and Silver, Bruce McLeod talks about the company’s project in a prolific gold belt.

“We’re a gold development exploration Company. Today our resource is 5.2 million ounces measured and indicated at over 6 grams gold. An additional 2 million ounces in inferred. We’re located in the territory of Nunavut Canada; it is a prolific gold belt. We have put a feasibility study out on the Back River gold belt. The challenge has always been the infrastructure of getting equipment and getting people in and out, and that’s why we’ve been focusing so much on this infrastructure improvement program. We have relied almost exclusively on air support for the project. Our first sealift will be upcoming next month, where we’ll be able to bring all our product to the project via Winter Road. Sabina’s ’ competitive advantage is size, we’re over 7 million ounces in all categories. It’s grade, these are the highest grade undeveloped open pits in the world, over half a million ounces. And our team, we’ve got a team that this isn’t the first time that they’ve built and executed in challenging and remote locations. You know, we work in an excellent jurisdiction in Nunavut. In long-established mining history, it’s a long permitting timeline but we’ve successfully navigated our way through that. This is a hundred per cent owned by Sabina, so it truly is a unique opportunity and a unique asset class in a fantastic jurisdiction.” – Bruce McLeod, President & CEO of Sabina Gold and Silver

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