High Grade Barite Producer


Used in oil-field drilling and industrial markets, High Grade Barite is very rare. Voyageur is poised to be the only high grade barite producer in Canada & the USA.

Voyageur Industrial Minerals is focused on Critical Strategic minerals in Canada and the USA. Voyageur is working on near term production of high grade barite (Barium Sulfate, BaSO4) to service the industrial and oil field markets. The Barite industry is currently facing supply and quality issues. Voyageur is poised to be the only high grade industrial grade barite mining company in Canada and in the USA.

Voyageur is expanding its portfolio of high grade assets into the Lithium market. Voyageur acquired 100% interest in its Utah, USA Robert’s Rupture Lithium brine project in 2016. Voyageur has a joint venture agreement to advance the Roberts Rupture Lithium project to the post feasibility stage.

Voyageur has recently staked the Lithium King property located near Bonneville Utah. This project has lithium brine water on surface and aquifers at depth. Voyageur is focused on large lithium reservoirs with free flowing aquifer systems.

Voyageur is excited to diversify into the Lithium bull market space and continues to explore for new lithium opportunities.

Natural gas power generation will be the power of choice to energize the growing electric vehicle market around the world. This will drive the barite market demand higher. Voyageur will benefit from two long term bull markets (Ba/Li). In addition barite is now being used in the new green technology application of barium titanate energy storage capacitors ( http://www.eestorcorp.com ) and the Chinese have just started to mass produce these new capacitors.

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