Auspice Diversified Trust

March 16, 2023

Investing with Auspice

The Auspice Diversified Trust, managed by Auspice, Canada's commodity fund manager, has a 16-year institutional history and has delivered an annualized return of 13% in the last three years. It is now available to all investors as a liquid alternative, making it a good choice for those seeking a manager to deliver in times of inflation and volatility.

The objective of the Fund is to generate returns through investments in commodities and financial interests, as well as trading and exposure to such assets. The Fund employs a disciplined, rules-based investment process that enables it to capture dominant trends, both long and short, while remaining indifferent to market direction and popular consensus. The systematic risk management and capital allocation practices aim to preserve capital as the core objective, while providing returns that are uncorrelated to traditional equity, fixed income, and most alternative strategies.

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