BTV Visits the Blooming Cannabis Sector - Identifies 5 Stocks

February 14, 2019

Business Television visits five distinctive companies in the rapidly growing cannabis sector.


This Canadian supplier of high quality grade cannabis is poised to steer Canadian cannabis in new directions. Committed to mental/physical health and sustainability, Indiva is a licensed producer of medical cannabis. Its wholly owned subsidiary, licensed under the Cannabis Act, is a supplier of high quality, medical grade cannabis and cannabis products.

As cannabis become more accepted and legalized in Canada and internationally, the company can expand its line of products. The goal is to become a a house of global brands recognized for high quality cannabis products.

Edibles are in the Future

Safe edibles and other client-friendly products will be part of Indiva’s future. Plans for expansion include agreements and joint-ventures with companies like Ruby Cannabis Sugar, Sapphire Salt and Bhang Chocolate to produce and distribute edibles.


One of the fastest growing edible brands in California, PlusTM produces cannabis-infused edibles for both medicinal and recreational markets. Committed to making cannabis safe and approachable, the company manufactures high quality products which deliver consistent experiences.

Based in southern California where they have a dedicated food-safe cannabis manufacturing facility, PlusTM is the state’s top selling brand. What do you get when you use only carefully sourced high-quality extracts and kosher ingredients to make edibles from scratch?  A consistent cannabis experience that is both dosable and delicious.

Collaboration is the key

But the company is not alone. There at Plus Products they believe in thoughtful collaboration among experts in many fields. To produce the best infused products at scale, the company is associated with Michelin-star chefs, Ivy League Chemists, Food Manufacturing Experts, Engineers, Machinists, Visionaries, Creative people and Strategists. The experience acquired over forty years of food manufacturing translates into the quality found in each and every product they make.

CannTrust (TRST:TSX)

A federally regulated licensed producer of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada, CannTrust was founded by pharmacists. With over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, the company is qualified to lead the medical cannabis industry.

Currently serving 60,000 medical patients with dried, extract and capsule products, they have the industry’s broadest product portfolio.  To manufacture such quantity of products, they own a 450,000 sq. ft. facility named Niagara Perpetual Harvest Facility and another facility in Vaughan, Ontario, which is used to prepare and pack the products.

Technology and Innovation

CannTrust is developing nanotechnology to disclose new products for the medical, recreational, beauty, wellness and pet markets. To establish an international footprint, the company chose to partner with Cannatrek Ltd. in Australia and to form a joint-venture with Stenocare in Denmark.  CannTrust has also partnered with Breakthru Beverage Group through Kindred Canada to distribute recreational products in Canada. To keep growing the body of research on the use and efficacy of cannabis by means of technology and innovation, they have established partnerships with McMaster University in Ontario and Gold Coast University in Australia.

Valens GroWorks (VGW:CSE)

Vallens Groworks is a vertically-integrated Canadian cannabis company, dedicated to research and quality testing of cannabis products. Focused on secondary extraction technology, distillation, isolation and purification of cannabinoids, the company counts with three wholly-owned subsidiaries, located in and around Kelowna, BC.

  • Valens Agritech (VAL) holds a license to cultivate cannabis and produce cannabis oil under the Cannabis Act. It also holds a license to conduct analytical testing for the cannabis industry. Currently, it has extraction process and supply agreement with various leading producers across Canada.
  • Valens Labs is the subsidiary accredited to perform cannabis lab testing, providing sector-leading analytical services to the industry. A Health Canada licensed ISO 17025, Valens Labs has partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop a Centre of Excellence in Plant Based Sciences.
  • Valens Farms is in the process of becoming a purpose-built facility, in compliance with the European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). When completed, the company will be allowed to export its products to any country in the world where cannabis is nationally legal for medical or recreational usage purposes.

48North Cannabis Corp. (NRTH:TSX.V)

Aiming the health and wellness market, 48 North is a vertically-integrated cannabis company operating not only in cultivation and extraction, but also in the creation of innovative and authentic brands.

The company is developing formulations and manufacturing capabilities for its own proprietary products, but it is positioned to manufacture similar products for third parties.

In Ontario, the company operates two indoor-licensed production sites, with over 86,000 sq. ft. of production capacity.

At DelShen Therapeutics and Good and Green Cannabis Corp., two wholly-owned subsidiaries licensed under the Canada Act, the company cultivates unique genetics. But their highlight is a 100-acre organic, sun-grown cannabis facility that produces low-cost, next generation, extract-based cannabis products.

48 North has a growing portfolio of brands that include Latitude, a women’s cannabis platform and Mother & Clone, a rapid-acting sublingual cannabis nano spray.

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