Building Your Portfolio with BMO ETFs

June 19, 2022

Building a core investment portfolio can be easy when you start with low cost, recognized indexes

Just like a stock, ETFs are traded on a stock exchange and bought or sold directly during normal trading hours through your advisor or trading platform. What sets them apart is that they’re structured as a basket of securities that can hold stocks, bonds or other assets like commodities. The asset mix of an ETF typically aims to provide exposure to an asset class.

BMO ETFs provides investors efficient access to global growth and portfolio diversification using leading indexes which deliver exposure to the largest markets in the world with:
- Canadian equities and bonds. (TSX: ZCN) (TSX: ZAG)
- U.S. large, mid, and small cap equities. (TSX: ZMID) (TSX: ZSML)
- International and emerging market equities. (TSX: ZEM) (TSX: ZDM)

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