Clean Seed Capital: Disruptive Agricultural Smart Seeding Technology Shakes up an Industry

February 2, 2021

Seeding and planting technology to disrupt the agriculture sector

Clean Seed Capital Group is dedicated to sustainable high-yield agriculture. That's why they've developed the Smart Seeder MAX. This seeder is the worlds only high resolution, row by row, true variable rate, smart seeding and planting technology.

"We can control five different independent products at a variable rate on every foot of the field. And that has an immense impact on the end result for yield and stabilization of our farmlands, " says CEO and Chairman, Graeme Lempriere.

More on SMART Seeder MAX

"I'm convinced that this drill will be what all farmers want in the future," says Jason Schultz, President of JDS Farms Ltd.

Clean Seed’s SMART Seeding and planting technologies are revolutionary commercial scale seeding and planting tools. Further, they utilize the unique synergy of proprietary sophisticated electronic metering and intuitive software controls in unison with its patented ground engaging technology. This delivers row-by-row variable rate multiple product application technology for farming operations.

Markedly, the SMART Seeder™ Technology with its unique Cushion Drive Digital Metering System™, applies precise rates for up to five different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire drill. Placement and volume accuracy of nutrients and seeds are key to the quality of all crops and overall yield results.

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