67 KM Gold Trend in Ireland

September 4, 2019

Conroy's gold trend in Ireland with large gold targets

Conroy Gold is focusing on making major economic discoveries, particularly in relation to gold.

Their key project is in Ireland in a geological region referred to as the Longford–Down Massif. There, they've discovered a 67 km gold trend with a series of large gold targets along the trend.

"We have a resource of over a half million ounces and we have an exploration target of 8.8 million ounces so, we're looking at quite substantial amounts of gold already", says Chairman Richard Conroy.

Additionally, the company has been involved in a number of other major discoveries. For example, the discovery of the Pogo gold deposit in Alaska, a major a gold mine.

More About Conroy Gold

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources is a company whose objective is to make substantial returns for shareholders through the discovery and development of economic gold deposits in the North of Ireland and in Northern Finland, in both of which areas geological potential for large gold deposits has been demonstrated. 

The Company is targeting high tonnage and high - contained ounce deposits. 

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