Cybin: Revolutionizing Mental Healthcare

April 26, 2021

Psychedelic medicine and treatment

Cybin is focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics by utilizing proprietary drug discovery platforms, innovative drug delivery systems, novel formulation approaches as well as treatment regimens for psychiatric disorders.

"It's rare today, that I haven't met someone who has been impacted in some way or another by depression or addiction," says CEO, Doug Drysdale.

Psychedelic therapies offer a novel approach to mental healthcare. It focuses on treating the underlying conditions and improving the patient experience and outcome. Additionally, a paradigm shift in public policy has opened the door to new research and development in the field of psychedelic medicine and treatment regimens.

Cybin is at the forefront of this revolution. They believe that psychedelic therapies will be key to addressing the mental health crisis by transforming the treatment landscape. While psychedelics may represent a new industry, the company recognizes the long history of use within indigenous cultures and major scientific breakthroughs over the decades that have led them to where we are today.

For more information on Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN, NYSE AMERICAN: CYBN) please click the request investor info button.

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