DeFi Technologies: The Future of Finance

March 15, 2022

Disrupting the financial landscape.

DeFi Technologies is a technology company bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance. Their mission is to expand investor access to sustainable, industry-leading decentralized technologies including Web 3.0 and gaming which we believe lie at the heart of the future of finance.

DeFi Technologies currently offers diversified exposure through three business lines:


Simple and secure access to digital asset exposure. DeFi Technologies, via its subsidiaries, offers digital asset Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) available via traditional banks and brokers in Europe.

  • Buy, sell or trade bitcoin and other digital assets without creating a dedicated crypto trading account
  • Launched the first ETP Bitcoin Zero in December 2020 and AUM reached a high of $374M.
  • Commitment to developing ESG compliant products

DeFi Infrastructure

Partnering with industry leaders, DeFi Technologies accelerates the growth of the Web 3.0, gaming and DeFi ecosystem through its contributions towards governance, transparency, ESG compliance and overall network security.

  • Partnership with Bison Trails for secure node infrastructure
  • Participation in DeFi Networks ie: participation on Pyth Network
  • DeFi technologies gets a fee for each transaction on a network.

DeFi Ventures

Identifying and Investing in the Future

  • Working with world leading names across the DeFi space, we aim to build a portfolio of ventures that are accelerating the growth and development of decentralised finance and the digital economy.
  •  Some positions will be staked to get additional yield

For more information on DeFi Technologies (OTC: DEFTF, NEO: DEFI) please click the request investor info button.

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