Investor Alert: GameSquare Esports - New Acquisition with Ties to the Dallas Cowboys

July 29, 2021

Recent acquisition of Complexity Gaming

GameSquare Esports is an international gaming and esports company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is seeking to acquire additional assets and entities serving the gaming and esports markets and, more broadly, in sports and entertainment.

GameSquare’s acquisition of Code Red Esports Ltd. (“CodeRed”), an esports talent agency, provided an initial foothold in Europe through its UK operations. Code Red represents leading on-screen talent, players and influencers. They also work with leading global brands to develop influencer campaigns and esports marketing strategies.

Further, the company’s second acquisition of Reciprocity Corp. provides access to Asia, Latin America and North America. Its gaming and esports assets include: a CrossFire franchise in China that it owns with its partner LGD Gaming, a 40% interest in a League of Legends team that competes in Latin America, as well as its wholly owned subsidiary corporation, GCN, a digital media company focusing on the gaming and esports audience based in Los Angeles, U.S.

New Acquisition

GameSquare is excited about its recent acquisition of Complexity Gaming, a tier-one esports organization based out of Frisco, Texas. Markedly, it is majority-owned by Jerry Jones and the Goff family with an obvious tie to the Dallas Cowboys. As part of this deal, GameSquare will be executing an agency of record deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

"We feel that we will help the Dallas Cowboys be a market leader within this space and really sit at the intersection and integration of traditional sports with gaming and esports," says CEO, Justin Kenna.

More on Complexity Gaming

Established in 2003, Complexity is one of America’s premier and longest standing esports organizations. Moreover, over the past 18 years, Complexity has won over 140 championships in nearly 30 games. In 2017, founder and current CEO Jason Lake made history by welcoming Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and investor John Goff to the team’s ownership. With unparalleled support and infrastructure from its ownership group, Complexity has created the world’s foremost operations center and training facilities. Additionally, Complexity’s player-first mentality, passion, professionalism, and innovation have led them to be recognized as a global leader in modern esports.

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