GameSquare Esports: Capitalizing on the Fastest Growing Area in Entertainment

December 1, 2020

Building a world-class esports agency

"We have a tremendous platform to consolidate high growth, EBITDA positive businesses," says CEO, Kevin Wright.

GameSquare Esports is an international esports company located in Toronto. The company is seeking to acquire assets and entities serving the esports market and, more broadly, in sports and entertainment. In addition, the company’s major asset is an esports agency, Code Red, The Authentic Esports Agency, and Esports Awards 2019 nominee for the Esports Supporting Agency of the Year.

GameSquare and Code Red Esports are creating a leading esports organization. In fact, they're focused on building a world-class esports agency supported by complementary media and leading technology to support its growing cast of leading influencers, players and on-screen talent.

"Esports is a new frontier. There is tremendous potential for growth," says Wright.

Fastest growing area in sports and entertainment

Esports is one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas in sports and entertainment with hundreds of millions of players and fans watching their favorite teams as well as players compete on a global stage. Further, it is capturing the attention of hundreds of millions of fans. It has also seen an increase in media attention, growing sponsorships by global brands, and international tournaments with multi-million dollar prizes.

Leading esports agency

Code Red is located in the United Kingdom, and has grown into one of the leading esports agencies globally. Moreover, Code Red represents leading on-screen talent, players and influencers. Gamesquare has expansion plans which include significant organic growth of its underlying assets and through disciplined M&A in North America, Europe and throughout the world.

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