Harvest ETFs: Consistent Monthly Income for Income Investors

May 30, 2022

Current yields: HHL, HDIF, HBF


Large-cap US healthcare companies uniquely combine technological innovation with powerful, non-cyclical demand tailwinds. We all need healthcare. As the developed world ages and the developing world gets richer, healthcare leaders enjoy more demand. We all need healthcare companies to innovate, and in this sector large-cap companies both power and capture value from innovation. This ETF is designed to give investors access to steady income and growth opportunities from large-cap US healthcare leaders. 


The Harvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF is built to deliver the consistent monthly income and diverse growth opportunities that Harvest ETFs are known for. This ETF is an equal weight basket of 5 of Harvest’s equity income ETFs, a multi-sector portfolio capturing a large and diverse set of high-quality companies. Existing yields are combined with a covered call option to generate income and offset volatility.


The world’s biggest brands have a special place in our economy and in our hearts. Top brands have global reach and recognition, powerful financials, and dominant market shares. They have long track records of resilience through market cycles, and near-universal status as high-quality investments. This ETF accesses the power of global brands with a diversified portfolio of instantly recognizable leading companies.

For more information on Harvest Portfolios Group (TSX: HHL, TSX: HDIF, TSX: HBF) please visit their website at harvestportfolios.com.

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