Laurel Hill: Canada's Leading Communications Firm

April 4, 2022

Shareholder Communications
and Advisory Services

The Laurel Hill Advisory Group is North America's leading independent, cross-border shareholder communications and advisory firm.

With offices in the U.S. and Canada, they are the only independent, cross border advisory firm with a growing portfolio of Fortune 500 companies; on both sides of the border as well as micro-cap and small-cap issuers.

For many Canadian companies navigating the complex governance shareholder meetings and activism, the landscape is becoming increasingly challenging.

Laurel Hill's measured strategic approach makes certain their clients are well-prepared for everything from shareholder meetings to mergers and acquisitions to activism.

What sets Laurel Hill apart

In addition to their industry-leading proxy solicitation, information agent, depositary, escrow and escheatment services, they provide year-round governance, compensation, and strategic advisory services.

Their customized solutions, delivered by the industry's most experienced, multi-disciplinary and collaborative team, help their clients develop and maintain market-leading governance, shareholder engagement, and activism preparedness.

This unique, customizable approach is what sets Laurel Hill apart from the competition. It allows them to focus solely on their client’s best interest for a successful outcome.

Also, Lauren Hill is regularly engaged in the most high profile, complex and contentious governance, M&A and activism situations. Their cross-border operations enable them to effectively reach shareholders regardless of their location – Canada, the U.S. and globally.

More about Laurel Hill

They offer services such as proxy solicitation, asset recovery, stock IQ, corporate governance and corporate actions.

The company has an integrated suite of annual meeting, special meetingasset recovery and stock IQ programs. These programs assist public companies with the right intelligence in order to navigate through the ever-changing landscape of shareholder proposals, activism, and regulations.

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