Liquid Avatar: A Digital Version of You

June 15, 2021

Technology to empower digital users to manage, control their digital identity

Liquid Avatar Technologies believes each of us needs to pay more attention to the risks threatening the integrity of our digital identity.

So, What exactly is it? A Liquid Avatar is a high quality, digital, image-based Personal Passport containing public and securely managed private information that a user can choose to share when they want and include only the information they want, simply by sharing their image.

Further, a simple way to think of a Liquid Avatar is to start with an Emoji in combination with your private and public data and amplified to a whole new level.

"Regulations are now supporting the fact that users have to manage and control their digital identity. And we want to be the solution to support them," says CEO, David Lucatch.

How is revenue generated?

Liquid Avatar does not charge its users for any of the services it provides.
So how do they generate revenue? It's generated through its marketing and vendor relationships. "Because 'you are you' and you've proven 'you are you', marketers are willing to do more with you. When users engage, we then get paid by the marketer," says Lucatch.

Furthermore, the company has no access to the data, it's all biometrically controlled for the user.

"We believe we have an opportunity to win in the marketplace," says Lucatch.

For more information on Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE: LQID, OTCQB: LQAVF) please click the request investor info button.

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