Market Insight: Ryan Irvine Shares His Picks

May 29, 2020

CEO at Keystone Financial, Ryan Irvine shares tips for investors

Ryan Irvine is the CEO at Keystone Financial and founder of, which is one of Canada's only independent stock market research advisory firms.

According to Irvine, we should take some caution with the current market. He says his team is focusing on areas of strength right now such as healthcare. "Cash is king in the market right now." he says.

Message For Investors

Ryan's message is to stay calm in these markets, but not to stick your head in the sand. The worst thing to do is to not look at your portfolio. Ryan says there are things you can do. "Raise some cash and then be cognizant of the companies that you are investing in. And make sure they do have solid cash flow. You want to have companies that can not only survive a recession but come out on the other side and thrive."

What's on Ryan's Watchlist?

One of the companies on Ryan's watchlist is VieMed Healthcare, Inc. (VMD:TSX), which is in the healthcare sector. "That stock is now up 40 percent since COVID-19 hit." he says.

Another company he's watching is called Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. (TSX:DNG). It's actually not a mine, it's a mill with a cash position of about 15 million US in the bank right now. "They have 500 artisanal miners that give them feedstock for their mill within Peru and they can literally not touch anybody and just drop off their ore and put it there," says Irvine. "It's cash in the bank and growth at a reasonable price, we believe right now."

Thirdly, Polaris Infrastructure (TSX: PIF) offers a geothermal facility in Nicaragua. "They trade at a significant discount to what you see these types of alternative power generators trading at in the market and you're getting paid about a seven percent plus dividend on them right now." says Irvine.

Lastly, Ryan is watching a unified communication company called Sangoma Technologies Corp. (TSX.V:STC). "I think it offers growth and a relatively reasonable price."

To catch one of Ryan Irvine's seminars including information on how to build a portfolio in a crisis situation please follow this link.

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