mCloud Technologies: Creating An Efficient Future

March 26, 2021

Maximizing energy production

mCloud combines AI, IoT, and the cloud to solve the world’s most challenging energy problems. The company reaches a market of over 20 million immediately connectable assets. They have more than 59,000 assets connected today and a line of sight to 70,000+.

Through a commercial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revenue model, mCloud has a highly scalable business that makes it easy for customers to connect, with recurring revenue that grows with every connected asset.

mCloud's AssetCare™ platform uses cutting-edge, military-grade technology. This is combined with secure data management to tackle challenging efficiency problems; problems that once seemed unsolvable. The AssetCare platform is also an enabler for customers to measure and achieve their ESG goals. Furthermore, it is a fully managed solution that takes the guesswork out of managing critical assets and infrastructure. Customers include major multi-national operators in the commercial buildings, wind energy, as well as oil and gas industries.

“We’re very focused on ESG, decarbonizing the process industry, which is an important component of ESG,” says President and CEO, Russ McMeekin.

For more information on mCloud Technologies Corp. (TSXV: MCLD, NASDAQ: MCLD) please click the request investor info button.

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