Metals Group: Bold and Proven Resource Investment

November 19, 2019

Metals Group is made up of an award winning team of professionals

The group of the four individuals that make up Metals Group have had a long history in the mining industry. The group consists of Altiplano Metals, Benchmark Metals, Cortus Metals and Camino Minerals.

Metals Group is an award-winning team of professionals. They have managed their way through decades of extreme volatility in the international mineral exploration and junior mining industry. Further, they did so by consistently adding value and delivering tangible results with operational excellence and technical innovation.

Moreover, Metals Group brand is based upon its hard-won reputation for successful entrepreneurship and professional management. Markedly, the group stands for technical excellence, painstaking project selection, uncompromising corporate governance and a unique ability to market its companies and tell their stories.

Metals Group is also leading a resurgence in the junior mining sector with a renewed sense of purpose and opportunity, having taken control of multiple active companies engaged in the advanced exploration and development of highly prospective Copper, Gold and Silver projects in North and South America.

"We've had many, many successes. There's many companies that we've taken from grassroots up to production and been able to sell them off to juniors, mid-tiers and majors", says John Williamson CEO & Chairman of Benchmark Metals.

The Lawyers Project

One of the projects that the group is currently working on is the Lawyers Gold Project in Northwestern British Columbia. The exploration is being carried out by Benchmark Metals.

The Lawyers Property covers 127 km2 of highly prospective rocks in the northeastern region of the prolific metal-endowed Stikine Terrane, British Columbia, Canada. Magmatic events in Stikine during the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic were the driving source for the development of mineralizing porphyry and epithermal systems. 

"We're working with historically some exceedingly good gold and silver results and we've just completed our second large drill campaign. We're looking towards building a multi-million ounce gold and silver deposit", says President of Benchmark Metals, Jim Greig.

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