Numinus Wellness: Healing & Wellness with Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

July 21, 2021

Cutting-edge psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

Numinus Wellness is creating solutions to develop and deliver cutting-edge psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and transform the mental health landscape. The company helps people to heal and be well through the development and delivery of innovative mental health care. They also offer access to safe, evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies. The Numinus Wellness model - including psychedelic production, research and clinic care - is at the forefront of a transformation. It's aimed at healing rather than managing symptoms for depression, anxiety, trauma, pain and substance abuse. Further, Numinus is leading the integration of psychedelic-assisted therapies into mainstream clinical practice, and building the foundation for a healthier society.

"We have a clinical infrastructure that is currently doing a host of different mental health treatments, as well as rolling out a ketamine assisted psychotherapy program this summer, which is revenue generating and legally available," says Co-Founder & CEO, Payton Nyquvest.

Two verticals

The company is divided into two verticals, Numinus Health and Numinus Bioscience. Numinus Bioscience is a lab and production facility. It has been licensed by Health Canada. It's licensed to not only do analytical testing, but production and distribution of a host of different psychedelics. These include psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, LSD, MDMA and ketamine.

And then Numinus Health, which is their service offering platform, actually houses the psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the supportive practices to be able to provide access for people.

"We have three psilocybin protocols for substance use disorder that will be launched this summer, and as well working with ketamine in the treatment of depression," says Nyquvest.

The company currently has 65 million dollars on hand and is well-financed to continue trials intended to prove the effectiveness of psilocybin for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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