Redishred: Information Destruction - A $3.6 Billion Industry

August 7, 2020

Paper shredding and recycling is a $3.6 billion industry

Redishred Capital owns and operates the PROSHRED® Security brand and business platform in the United States and internationally. Further, it operates the PROSHRED® system under two business models, franchising in the United States, via direct ownership of shredding trucks and facilities in nine locations in the United States. Additionally, the operating segments of the company are Franchising and Licensing, Corporate Locations and Corporate Overhead.

PROSHRED® shreds and recycles confidential documents and proprietary materials. They do so for thousands of customers in the United States in all industry sectors. Furthermore, PROSHRED® is a pioneer in the mobile document destruction and recycling industry and has the ISO 9001:2015 certification. In fact, it is their vision to be the ‘system of choice’ and provide shredding and recycling services on a global basis.

PROSHRED® Security is a service-driven information destruction company dedicated to on-site shredding services. For over 35 years, businesses and consumers have put their trust in PROSHRED® Security to maintain information security, legislative compliance and personal privacy.

More on Redishred

Redishred Capital is a publicly-traded investment company focused on the on-site information destruction and downstream recycling industry. The company’s mandate is to build shareholder value through a market-development and consolidation strategy, delivering highly profitable operations by means of franchising, joint venture partnerships and corporate acquisitions.

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