Spacefy: Connecting Creatives with Locations to Create

May 10, 2019

Russ Patterson, CEO of Spacefy speaks about the company's online marketplace for creative spaces.

"The bulk of my career has been spent at eBay.  I spent 15 years at eBay Canada. All my experiences  revolved around e-commerce primarily and marketplaces specifically.

Spacefy is an online marketplace for creative spaces. The way it works is that space owners can list their spaces on Spacefy for free. Add a few photos and answer a few questions and put information about the property. We need all kinds of spaces so, they could be people who are listing their homes or their businesses warehouses.

Creatives that we're targeting are filmmakers, photographers, in the fashion industry and fitness industry. But particularly with the film and video new content development part of the business, you need to have a huge range of breath.

We drive the creatives to our site where they can search through and find spaces that might be appropriate for the event that they have in mind. They can negotiate and pay for the space right online. We take seven and a half percent from the buyers side and 7 1/2 percent from the sellers side for total take rate of 15 percent. A very similar business model and very similar revenue model to how Air BNB works.

I feel like we want to be in the service of art and help the organizers and the creatives to do their thing and find all these alternative venues in hidden spaces that otherwise would be very hard to uncover." - Russ Patterson, CEO of Spacefy

List it and Make Money

Filmmakers, photographers and other creative professionals are browsing Spacefy for different types of spaces to fulfil creative projects and events. Your place can be that space. Whether it’s a home, studio, nightclub or event space, list it and make money.

Spacefy helps creatives create by connecting them with inspiring spaces. We are a marketplace for inspiring short-term space rentals centered around the creative industry. We connect creators with cool spaces for their various projects.
For Pros and Average Joes

You don’t need to be a creative professional to use Spacefy. We offer anyone the opportunity to rent private and commercial spaces to suit any type of project, expo, event or class. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a hobbyist or a student, Spacefy helps you find the right spot easily.
Make Money From Your Own Space

Spacefy helps facilitate the monetization of commercial and private spaces. Whether you have a recording studio in the basement, a photo studio in the den or an empty barn on a farm, Spacefy allows you to make extra money renting out your unique space.

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