Therma Bright: 20 Minute Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test

September 22, 2020

Device to eradicate cold sores, one for pain relief plus a saliva-based COVID 19 test that gives results in 20 minutes

Therma Bright is a medical device company focused on over-the-counter products.

On July 7, 2020, Therma announced that it entered into a Development Agreement With Orpheus Medica. This is to develop a saliva-based rapid test to detect the SARS CoV-2 virus which is responsible for COVID-19. Further, their aim is to make the world a safer place by making available rapid, accurate and cost-effective screening test for COVID-19. Orpheus had already begun working on the test that’s called CoviSafe. Moreover, the test is saliva based, not a nasal swab, and gives results in about 20 minutes. "At Orpheus Medica, we have a substantial expertise of developing very specific biological molecules that can actually accurately detect the virus of pathogens of interest," Orpheus' CEO, Saeid Babaei.

The next phase is to validate the technology, prove it works as well as create a prototype. "What we'd like to do is have a product commercial-ready and have all the regulatory approvals within six months," Therma Bright's CEO and Chairman, Rob Fia.

More of Therma Bright's Products

The company has three main products including, TherOZap. TherOZap uses thermal therapy to relieve pain as well as itch from insect bites and stings. "The potential for this product is to treat Zika and Dengue before it gets into the bloodstream," says Fia.

Additionally, Therma's cold sore prevention device, InterceptCS uses thermal therapy to kill the cold sore virus. Cold sores often begin with a tingling sensation called the prodrome stage. The device would be placed on the lip area for three 30 second treatments, which actually prevents the cold sore from erupting on the skin.

Thirdly, BenePod is Therma Bright’s most recent product which came with the acquisition of Saringer Life Sciences’ assets. When you have pain in your muscles or your joints, you would take that product, rub it in that area, and it creates a natural anesthetic effect. "No drugs, no creams involved here. It relaxes the nerve, sends a signal to the brain that the pain has been relieved," says Fia.

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