Mulvihill ETFs - XLVE: U.S. Health Care Enhanced Yield ETF

April 19, 2023

Gain Access to High-Yield Healthcare Investing with Mulvihill's XLVE ETF

Mulvihill's XLVE ETF offers exposure to large-cap US healthcare stocks with 25% leverage used for purchasing additional shares to write options, generating income from option premiums while maintaining close to "full" exposure to underlying portfolio stocks. This combination provides yield enhancement benefits of option writing strategies without sacrificing upside potential in rising markets. Additionally, the ETF hedges US dollar exposure back to Canadian dollars.XLVE is a new ETF by Mulvihill that offers exposure to leading large cap US healthcare stocks. It has a current yield of 7% and offers monthly distributions, which is more than four times the S&P 500 Health Care Index.

For more information on Mulvihill ETFs (TSX: XLVE) please click on the request investor info button.

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