196,000 Square Foot Self-Contained Cannabis Facility

TransCanna Holdings’ large facility will be their own self-contained ecosystem to grow, manufacture and distribute cannabis.

TransCanna Holdings specializes in assisting our clients who are cannabis farmers and manufacturers get recognized by end consumers who in turn purchase their products. We offer our services throughout every aspect of the ecosystem; from branding and design, to transportation and distribution, to marketing and sales.

Branding, transportation and distributing, the cannabis industry is currently in a state of disarray. An industry that’s expected to generate over $20 billion in revenue nationwide by 2020 is currently operated similar to the traveling salesman selling his elixirs in the 1800’s. Like many aspects of the cannabis business it is in need of professionalization.

Selling cannabis products in California includes dispensary buyers having dozens of manufacturers and producers lining up at their door selling their goods, without evidence of quality or scalability. TransCanna Holdings removes that uncertainty by vetting our clients for both quality and scalability, thereby offering the buyer a catalog of tested products in one visit.

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