Edgewater Wireless revolutionizing a 33 billion dollar market

Edgewater Wireless has a patented WiFi3 technology that could revolutionize the 33 billion dollar market.

With our patented (over 20 and counting) WiFi3™ technology and Next Generation Access Points. WiFi3™ is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional WiFi and dramatically lowering network infrastructure investment.

Commercializing leading edge wireless technologies for the service provider market. With a rich patent portfolio and some of the world’s most talented engineers, Edgewater Wireless is developing what service providers and your customers have long been asking for — vastly improved WiFi network performance across a variety of industries and challenging environments with unparalleled performance, high flexibility and unsurpassed security.


Edgewater Wireless’ WiFi3™ powered access points are designed to address the needs of carrier-class, high-density WiFi deployments, both indoor and outdoor. Our wideband, 802.11 WiFi3™ radio architecture provides up to 50x greater performance over single-channel access points.

It offers a rich, carrier feature set that includes integrated, real-time spectral surveillance, right out of the box. Every Edgewater Wireless AP integrates with one or more WiFi3™ powered radios, capable of supporting up to three concurrent channels simultaneously.

Each channel supports four virtual channels providing unbeatable flexibility for configuration. Each WiFi3™ integrated radio supports Edgewater Wireless’ Spectrum Surveillance Architecture (SSA™) with the ability to identify interferers and security threats.

Independent transmit power control is supported on each channel and can be configured by the operator to optimize the network deployment.

Our products are designed with our comprehensive, user friendly and intuitive Element Management System – EdgeNet, that offers service providers with tremendous flexibility in configuring and independently monitoring each 802.11 channel in the network.

Doing so, without the high-cost of an unneeded controller based architecture.

With WiFi3™, it’s all about delivering the highest Quality of Service and a seamless user experience.

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