Brompton Tech Leaders Income ETF - TLF

March 20, 2024

ETF with High Monthly Distributions

This ETF aims to offer investors high monthly income and the potential for capital growth by investing in a carefully selected, actively managed portfolio of large-cap global technology companies. Brompton's approach includes a proprietary strategy of writing covered calls to enhance income.

The investment process begins with a top-down analysis to pinpoint attractive technology sub-sectors. Then, through in-depth fundamental analysis, the portfolio is concentrated on technology firms that exhibit both growth potential and value. The portfolio managers (PMs) actively determine the extent of covered call writing, aiming to maximize cash distribution and overall returns.

Investing in technology is seen as advantageous because the sector is typically profitable, carries little debt, and generates significant free cash flow. Additionally, technology is underrepresented in the Canadian market, so global technology stocks offer diversification. Long-term trends also favor technology investments.

This ETF is suitable for investors who:

  • Want consistent monthly income.
  • Are looking for capital growth with potentially lower volatility compared to direct investments in technology stocks.
  • Are comfortable with the inherent fluctuations of the stock market.

For more information on Brompton Funds (TSX: TLF) please visit their website at

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