Entheon Biomedical: Psychedelic Medicines to Treat Addiction

July 21, 2021

Leading-edge addiction recovery solution

Entheon Biomedical is pioneering a leading-edge addiction recovery solution that harnesses the therapeutic potential of patient-centric psychedelic medicine to remedy the underlying causes of Substance Use Disorder. The company is focusing primarily on the powerful DMT molecule. Entheon exists to invert the addiction recovery ratio, turning the ‘untreatable case’ and ‘lost cause’ from the norm to the exception.


DMT is a naturally occurring molecule that has been chemically synthesized for clinical use. Entheon is researching and developing DMT to address substance use disorders related to nicotine, alcohol, and opioids.

"DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelics in existence, but it is also one of the safest to use. And so we see this as being the optimal choice for treating people with psychedelics," says Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Ko. Unlike other psychedelics, DMT sessions are relatively short. This allows for more psychotherapeutic touch points and a more flexible program design.

Further, Entheon has recently introduced its HaluGen test kit to the U.S. market. The test kit is a direct consumer genetic test kit. It looks for a variety of psychiatric risk factors, as well as metabolic factors that will indicate whether a person is more or less likely to have or develop psychiatric disorders

"The HaluGen test kit is there to inform the individual that is interested in psychedelic therapies, so that they can start a conversation with the health care provider to receive the treatment that they need." says Ko.

For more information on Entheon Biomedical Corp. (CSE: ENBI, OTCQB: ENTBF) please click the request investor info button.

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