TD Asset Management: Innovative Fixed-Income Solutions for Investors

April 29, 2024

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), a leading asset manager in Canada, has introduced a suite of fixed-income investment solutions that combine the advantages of individual bonds with the flexibility of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The TD Target Maturity Bond ETFs are designed to provide investors with a unique opportunity to access the benefits of individual bonds while enjoying the added benefits of liquidity, diversification, and professional management. These ETFs invest in a carefully curated portfolio of investment-grade corporate bonds, hand-picked by TDAM's experienced Fixed Income Investment Team. By holding these bonds to maturity, investors can expect to receive regular income distributions and a final payout on specific maturity dates, similar to holding individual bonds. However, unlike traditional bonds, the TD Target Maturity Bond ETFs offer enhanced liquidity, allowing investors to buy and sell units on a stock exchange with ease.

Diversification and Professional Management

TDAM's Target Maturity Bond ETFs provide investors with diversification across multiple issuers and sectors, reducing concentration risk. Additionally, these ETFs benefit from the expertise of TDAM's investment professionals, who actively manage the portfolios to ensure optimal performance and risk management. As a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank, TDAM leverages the resources and expertise of one of Canada's largest financial institutions, offering investors a trusted and experienced partner in their investment journey. With a commitment to quality and a focus on identifying opportunities in challenging market environments, TDAM's Target Maturity Bond ETFs present a compelling solution for investors seeking fixed-income exposure with added benefits. Keywords: TD Asset Management, Target Maturity Bond ETFs, fixed-income investments, corporate bonds, exchange-traded funds, liquidity, diversification, professional management, income distributions, maturity dates, investment-grade bonds, Toronto-Dominion Bank.

For more information, visit the Target Maturity Featured ETFs page.

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