Eyecarrot: Neurovision Technology For Visual Issues

March 3, 2020

A platform to treat various visual performance issues and enhance athletic performance

Eyecarrot’s goal is to deliver the market’s most advanced solutions, supported by recognized optometry leaders. These solutions are to help vision therapy teams treat their patients and also to help trainers improve athletic performance. Binovi's purpose is to enhance the ways in which optometrists work with their patients to improve their vision and vision-related skills.

1 in 4 people worldwide live with issues related to their vision that go beyond visual acuity. Despite this, ophthalmic treatment primarily focuses on visual acuity issues and disease management. Indeed, this leaves many visual performance issues undiagnosed or mistreated. Eyecarrot 's focus is to bring attention to these issues, and to help those treating them by providing the tools necessary to bring treatment into the 21st century. Moreover, a broader vision is vital in how we view the world around us, and Eyecarrot is focusing on the importance of developing, protecting, and perfecting that vision.

"We are actually changing human brains with every element of our technology, whether it's our software, or our hardware.", says Founder and CEO, Adam Cegielski.

The Binovi Platform

Eyecarrot has developed the Binovi platform to treat visual performance issues effecting a surprisingly large number of people. To explain, the Binovi platform is a set of hardware and software tools that measure cognitive and neurological performance. Over time, the activities it provides help treat individual vision related issues. The current hardware is a re-imagination of the Saccadic Fixator invented by Harry Wayne – a vision training pioneer. Furthermore, Eyecarrot acquired Wayne Engineering in 2015.

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