Hamilton ETFs: Get More From Canadian Banks

June 22, 2022

The Hamilton Enhanced Canadian Financials ETF (HFIN) is designed for higher monthly income and long-term returns.

HFIN seeks to replicate a 1.25 times multiple of the Solactive Canadian Financials Equal-Weight Index TR, comprised of equal-weightings of the top 12 largest Canadian financial services companies while adding modest 25% cash leverage to enhance growth potential and yield.

HCAL is designed for higher dividends and growth

Hamilton ETFs is a Canadian investment manager. They specialize in the global financial services sector, with a portfolio management team boasting over 60 years of combined experience. Further, the firm’s specialized investment focus is driven by proprietary research, analysis, and analytical tools. Hamilton ETFs is also an active commentator on the global financial services sector.

The Hamilton Enhanced Canadian Bank ETF (TSX: HCAL) offers investors a higher growth potential and higher dividends through its exposure to Canada’s “Big Six” banks with 25% leverage. Another benefit is the exposure to mean reversion, a strategy with historical index outperformance vs. equal weight and covered call Canadian bank strategies as well as monthly distributions.

For more information on Hamilton ETFs  (TSX: HFIN, TSX: HCAL) please visit their website at hamiltonetfs.com.

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