Building Wealth with Long Term Equity Investments

July 17, 2019

Harvest Portfolios stands out in a crowded market by offering equity income products for long term growth and cash flow.

Harvest's guiding principles are based on building wealth for their clients through ownership of strong businesses. Their ETF’s focus on providing long term growth with attractive income opportunities.

Moreover, their quantitative model selects leading companies with a long history of success. They look for companies that dominate their industries, innovate and evolve. Companies that have consistent performance, measured by a long record of rising sales and profits.

To further explain, the company wants to make sure that there focused on what they call the "mega-trends" trends that will continue on for 10-20 years; trends like in health care and technology.

What is Long Term Growth?

While they certainly can be used for short-term exposure, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) can be an effective way to seek long-term growth as a core part of your portfolio. These ETFs are diversified and provide broad market exposure. 

In favourable market conditions, what assists with that long-term growth is the power of time and compounding, and the amount of money invested. In this regard, ETFs offer a solid benefit, thanks to their potentially lower fees and tax efficiency.

More on Harvest Portfolios

Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. started in 2009. It is based in Ontario, Canada. They have additional offices in British Columbia and Quebec.

In addition the firm launches equity mutual funds for its clients. It invests in public equity markets across the globe.

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